Creating High-Impact Employment Experiences for Youth

June 4, 2015

Youth unemployment, or the creation of “generation jobless” as it has been called, is a global crisis affecting both advanced and developing economies. It represents a colossal waste of human potential and a substantive drag on future economic growth. A …

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The Journey of Imas Toward Economic Inclusion

May 13, 2015

Meet Imas, from Jakarta, Indonesia. She supports her 10 siblings with money earned from her work as a seamstress. She began as a domestic worker, aged 10. Sewing “started out as a hobby,” Imas says. “I think I also have …

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Financial Inclusion in Mexico

May 5, 2015

When the World Economic Forum convenes its sessions on financial inclusion in Mexico this month, its host will be able to boast about some very good news. The Global Findex, a survey measuring financial inclusion across the world, reveals that …

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Business Practices and Constraints of SMEs in Turkey

April 7, 2015

Turkey has approximately 3.5 million Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) which account for 81% of total employment, 62% of investments, 59% of total value added and 56% of exports from the country. Yet, Turkey’s growth story has relied significantly on …

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MIT SLOAN: MasterCard Pins Down the Cash Economy

March 26, 2015

To limit theft and corruption, MasterCard helps governments switch subsidy payments to electronic currency. For many at the base of the economic pyramid in the developing world, the only dependable source of support is through government food and health subsidies. …

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Exploring Indonesia’s Mobile Banking Opportunity

March 3, 2015

Few emerging industries generate equal buzz in both the international development community and private sector. Yet mobile financial services (MFS) have the potential to expand the market to hundreds of millions of new consumers, while promising to drive economic growth …

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Mobile as a Path to Greater Inclusion

March 2, 2015

Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia and a member of the G20, yet it has one of the biggest underbanked populations in the world. Two hundred million Indonesians (80% of the population) are financially excluded, exposed to risk …

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Improving Mobile Money Usage in Nigeria

December 1, 2014

As the largest among the fast-growing economies of Africa, Nigeria is a promising market for mobile financial services. More than 80% of adults have access to a mobile phone and over 20 licensed operators provide services.  Yet mobile money has …

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Inclusive Growth Matters

April 25, 2014

Income inequality is considered one of the top five global risks in the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) annual Global Risks report. Structurally high unemployment and severe income disparity were described as potentially systemic in nature, ‘causing breakdowns of entire systems.’ …

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