Understanding How Political Violence Impacts Spending Patterns

February 28, 2018

by Tim Besley, Thiemo Fetzer and Hannes Mueller Researchers analyze spending pattern insights and media reports of violence to understand how fear can influence consumers. Politically motivated violence has important economic effects. Apart from the direct impact of terrorism on …

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2018: Moving the Needle on Inclusive Growth in Emerging Markets

January 4, 2018

by Yuwa Hedrick-Wong  Nearly a decade after the global financial crisis, emerging markets are poised for a middle-class boom. Our experts weigh in on what it will take to sustain growth in 2018 and beyond. 2018 marks the tenth anniversary …

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Data Insights: Measuring the Economic Impact of “Smart City” Innovations

December 7, 2017

Mastercard data insights help New York University researchers study commercial activity around bike-sharing and free public Wi-Fi stations. Nearly a decade since “smart cities” entered the vernacular — a term that early on captured the heady sense of what good …

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How ASEAN’s Diversity Can Be a Strength in the Digital Revolution

May 24, 2017

by Manu Bhardwaj and Yuwa Hedrick-Wong ASEAN has the potential to become a leader in the digital revolution by harnessing its diversity to power its development. On a map, ASEAN’s (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) 10 members can easily be …

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Closer to Achieving Inclusive Growth through Financial Inclusion in 2016

December 21, 2016

Fintech advances and government actions drive financial inclusion and offer the promise of igniting more sustainable and equitable growth globally. 2016 saw substantial progress in connecting the world’s people to financial services, from bank accounts to mobile payments to micro-lending …

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Should Business Travel Be Obsolete?

January 20, 2016

by Ricardo Hausmann Harvard economist and MasterCard Center Senior Fellow on how a unique research collaboration between the Center and Harvard’s Center for International Development is uncovering new insights on how business travel impacts economic growth.  A version of this …

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Tracking Economic Growth, Prosperity and Inclusion in US Metros

July 21, 2016

by Amy Liu A recent analysis by the Brookings Institution shows growth alone does not deliver rising productivity or living standards for all. There is much soul-searching on both sides of the Atlantic about the voter discontent that led to …

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Toward a Less-Cash India

October 4, 2017

How fintech innovations can help small merchants realize the benefits of financial inclusion. Rambabu sells tea in India. Like most businesses in the country, Rambabu’s tea shop is small and deals in cash. He makes about 500 cups of tea …

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Making Job Training Programs Work Better for Laid-Off Workers

March 16, 2016

As speculation grows about massive job loss due to trends in trade and technology, today’s training programs offer real lessons for a better future. Speculation on large-scale job loss due to economic shifts from trade to technology looms over a …

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How More Affordable Housing Can Impact Job Creation and Productivity

July 17, 2016

Businesses add their voice (and powerful data) to those of artists, activists and analysts calling to make housing in cities more affordable.   The global challenge of ensuring affordable housing in growing cities has inspired laments about a loss of the …

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7 Must-Reads On Jobs and Opportunity in America Today

February 5, 2016

Numbers on and analysis of the trends transforming employment in the US The resonance that themes of economic dislocation has found in the long run up to the US presidential election shouldn’t be surprising: Last year, a New York Times/CBS …

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Emerging Africa: Growth in Cities

May 10, 2016

As leaders from across Africa gather in Rwanda for the World Economic Forum meeting this week, a look at how Africa’s cities can shape the continent’s economic future. For more information, read the MasterCard 2015 African Cities Growth Index.