Bridging the Data Gap for Low Income Communities

February 12, 2018

A new partnership between the Center for Inclusive Growth and New America will work to build a comprehensive data solution for understanding the economic life and purchasing power of low and moderate-income communities. How can we gain a comprehensive understanding …

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City of Insights: Tapping into Private Sector Data for Inclusive Growth

November 28, 2017

The private sector can leverage its data assets to drive social impact in cities. Every day, private sector companies capture valuable information in cities. When someone checks out on a food delivery app, swipes a credit card at the bodega …

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Data and Civil Society: From Possibilities to Responsibilities

February 7, 2017

A series of convenings in 10 cities around the world aims to drive conversations on using data to solve society’s toughest challenges.  This week, Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab begins its “Data World Tour” with the Do Good Data …

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Data-Driven Solutions Help Connect the Most Disconnected

October 12, 2016

Data science and digital technologies help farmers and entrepreneurs improve livelihoods.  Imagine this scene. A man with an iPad is standing in small plot of maize, talking with a farmer in Odisha in northeast India. The plot is the farmer’s …

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Tackling Corruption with People-Powered Data

October 12, 2016

By Sandra Prüfer New transparency platforms are creating opportunities for marginalized communities to access and collect data and ensure inclusive growth initiatives reach the people they are supposed to help.   Informal fees plague India’s “free” maternal health services. In …

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Using Mobile Data to Enable Financial Inclusion

June 2, 2016

Technology is allowing companies to leverage the wealth of data produced by mobile phones to facilitate lending to the un- or underbanked.  This post is published in partnership with News Deeply. A version of this article first appeared on Harvard’s Evidence …

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A Reality Check on Robots with danah boyd

March 24, 2016

Framing the ‘future of work’ debate in terms of science fiction too often distracts from science fact—and from speaking about complex social dynamics, says danah boyd, founder of the Data & Society.  For scholar and activist danah boyd, a visit …

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Using Data-Driven Strategies to Tackle the High Cost of Incarceration

July 1, 2016

by Yuriy Loukachev The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth joins the White House’s Data-Driven Justice initiative to disrupt the cycle of incarceration in local communities.  There are more than 11 million people cycling through local US jails annually and there …

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Unlocking the Power of Data to Drive Growth and Progress

January 29, 2016

Read these four articles to better understand the key issues for harnessing big data for progress and social good.  How to Navigate the Big Data Age A deluge of data is transforming our economies and our lives. How do we maximize the good …

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So You Want to Be a Data Scientist?

January 25, 2016

A Q&A with Jake Porway, co-founder of DataKind, captures the emerging ethical considerations and market realities of data science as a profession. A week before Glassdoor ranked “data scientist” the best job in America, based on its potential for career earnings …

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How Big Data Can Help Build Smarter and More Inclusive Cities

January 19, 2016

The sheer volume of data in cities make them a natural hub for technical breakthroughs and innovations that make a social impact – like machine learning. In 2011, for example, New York City announced that it would open its war …

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Building Literacy for the Data Generation

December 18, 2015

A unique opportunity exists to develop data literacy education for children born into a world shaped by big data. The question of how growing up with digital technology shapes a generation’s outlook has fueled discussion since the description “Digital Natives” …

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