MasterCard Center to Participate in Summit on “Big Data”

March 14, 2014

On March 17th, the Data & Society Research Institute, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and New York University’s Information Law Institute will be co-hosting a public event entitled “The Social, Cultural, & Ethical Dimensions of ‘Big Data’ ”.

The purpose of this event is to convene key stakeholders and thought leaders from across academia, government, industry, and civil society to examine the social, cultural, and ethical implications of “big data,” with an eye to both the challenges and opportunities presented by the phenomenon.

The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth is driven by one overriding imperative: enhancing financial inclusion and inclusive growth around the world.  One way we seek to accomplish this goal is by engaging researchers from around the world and publishing their research in an open-source environment.  Through these efforts, we have heard from scholars and institutions excited by the prospect of using “Big Data” to identify patterns and solutions around some of the world’s most challenging problems such as poverty.

Shamina Singh, Executive Director of the Center, will join a session moderated by Anil Dash of ThinkUp/Activate to discuss the potential for using “Big Data” to advance inclusive growth.  Other panelists include Kate Crawford of Microsoft Research and MIT, Steven Hodas of NYC Department of Education, and Alondra Nelson of Columbia University.

For those interested in joining “The Social, Cultural, & Ethical Dimensions of ‘Big Data’ ” remotely, the event will be live-streamed from the Data & Society website.

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