Unlocking the Power of Data to Drive Growth and Progress

January 29, 2016

Read these four articles to better understand the key issues for harnessing big data for progress and social good. 

How to Navigate the Big Data Age

A deluge of data is transforming our economies and our lives. How do we maximize the good that can come from the responsible use of data, while minimizing the inherent risks of data to privacy and security?  MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga lays out the opportunities and challenges in the age of big data. Read more on CNN.com.

Building Literacy for the Data Generation

The question of how growing up with digital technology shapes a generation’s outlook has fueled discussion since the description “Digital Natives” was coined in 2001. As commentators begin to weigh in on the experience of those born in the decade-and-a-half since, one emerging theme is the need to develop data literacy education for children born into a world shaped by big data. Read More.

Data for Good: 5 Trends to Watch 

2015 was a year of important developments in Data for Good—not just in terms of program outcomes and the creation of new projects, but also in terms of the pathways to further discovery opened in the process. Closely interconnected trends from 2015 point toward the future of the field. Read more.

The Science and Ethics of Data For Good’s New Frontier

If data donated from just one source can open a whole new angle for public policy, imagine the kind of big picture understanding researchers could piece together with data from multiple sources—or even from multiple sectors. Read More.


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