July 2017

Aspen Global Leadership Network - Resnick Aspen Action Forum


Location: Aspen, US

Speaker: Shamina Singh

The Resnick Aspen Action Forum is one of the Aspen Institute's greatest platforms for effecting real and measurable change in the world. It is an annual four-day event held in Aspen, CO that encourages entrepreneurial leaders from around the world to put their ideas for impact into action. The event offers participants a chance to retreat from the spotlight and refresh their perspectives on their work and lives. These participants – most of whom are part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network – are inspired by the Action Forum’s seminars, workshops, and topical dialogues, to make public “Action Pledges” which detail specific ways they will create positive change in their communities.

Shamina Singh, President of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth will be speaking on Saturday, July 29 and Monday, July 31.

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Digital Impact World Tour - Brisbane


Location: Brisbane, Australia

Mastercard is co-sponsoring the Digital Impact World Tour. The Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is exploring the implications of the digital age for global civil society. They are applying that knowledge to build a universal framework for civil society to use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively. Through the Digital Impact tour, the Lab will learn directly from leaders of nonprofits and foundations, individual funders and advocacy groups -- about how they are using digital resources.

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