About Us

The mission of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth is to advance equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. As an independent subsidiary of Mastercard, we combine data, expertise, technology and philanthropic investments to empower a community of thinkers, leaders and innovators working on the front lines of inclusive growth.

Igniting broad-based economic growth presents one of the most complex and urgent challenges of our time.  We seek to uncover workable approaches by investing in innovative research and programs and connecting the know-how and experience of four key stakeholder groups: government, academia, business, and NGOs.

Our work breaks down silos to move ideas into action to achieve social impact.

We are partnering with leading economists and institutions to better understand the drivers of inclusion and growth, and advance actionable insights that guide decision-making. Our data initiatives unlock “big data” and analytics to inform research efforts and help governments and NGOs deliver more efficient and impactful public services.  And through our strategic investments, we aim to deliver a holistic mix of tools, resources and support to connect microentrepreneurs to the formal economy and help them expand their businesses.

Through these actions and efforts, we seek to engage global influencers with the most promising ideas, insights and innovations for igniting inclusive growth.

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Our Team

We work to advance inclusive economies through research partnerships, data philanthropy, strategic investments and knowledge sharing.

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Advisory Council

We are advised by a council of leading economists and researchers studying economic growth and financial inclusion. Serving as Senior Fellows and Special Advisors, these experts form a knowledge network that spans the global economy.

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Our Partners

The Center supports and partners with a diverse community of academic and research institutions, financial and technology companies, governments and NGOs working to advance insights and actions that spur inclusive economic development.

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