May 2017

WEE Global Learning Forum

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


The WEE Global Learning Forum intends to narrow the divide between best practices and informed policy decisions and aims to explore topics that are emerging as critical constraints to women’s economic empowerment across the globe. The agenda of the Forum will focus on three themes:

  • The Rural Poor: Women’s Empowerment on and off the Farm
  • Employment Opportunities through Enterprise Development and Job Creation
  • Women’s Financial Inclusion: Leveraging Finance to Advance Women’s Empowerment


Participants: Alison Eskesen

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June 2017

WEF Industry Strategy Meeting

Location: San Francisco, CA


Some 300 industry strategy officers will convene at the Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, located at the Presidio of San Francisco, for a programme designed to build on the business community’s dialogue at the Annual Meeting in Davos and Forum Systems Initiatives, and focus on Creating Value in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Location: Bangkok, China


The 3 day gathering will feature examples of collaboration from AVPN members across Asia including deep dives into sectors like: education, health, livelihoods and the environment.  The program also includes an overview of the social investment landscape in Asia, highlighting key challenges and opportunities across the spectrum of investment stages from grants to impact investment.

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SHINE Summit

Location: Cambridge, MA


The Forum on Worker Well-being in Supply Chains will bring together brands, NGOs, non-profits and vendors to learn about going beyond compliance to improving the health and well-being of workers.  Attendees will learn about the social and business benefits that result from investing well-being in supply chains settings, as explained by leading researchers, service providers and vendors.  You will also hear first-hand accounts of programs and initiatives currently being implemented by companies as well as results and lessons learned.

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CEF Leadership Retreat

Location: San Francisco, CA


CEF Members drive the meeting’s agenda, so the topics can vary significantly from year to year.  Most of the meeting is conducted in small, not-for-attribution working sessions to foster candid peer-to-peer exchanges and practical outcomes.  A variety of formats are used, including problem-solving or best-practice exchange round tables led by a facilitator, case study presentations followed by questions, pre-arranged side meetings, and more.

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WEF China - Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Location: Dalian, China


Established in 2007 as the foremost global gathering on science, technology and innovation, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions convenes the next generation of fast-growing enterprises shaping the future of business and society, and leaders from major multinationals, government, media, academia and civil society.  Join a community of nearly 2,000 participants from 90 countries on 27-29 June 2017 in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, for a true global experience that addresses today’s intertwined global challenges – economic, political, societal and environmental.

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